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This post is in continuation to my earlier post on the Indian Silverbill. There are seven other similar birds of the same family. One of them is found only in India (Green Avadavat) and is now vulnerable to extinction.

Out of the eight, I have been able to see six of them. Wanted to share pictures of these so that you are familiar with these birds. The challenges that I mentioned in my earlier post are very much applicable here as well. And the way these birds are handled is not very pleasant to write about.

In India, these are called ‘Munias’ and they have been a part of our folklore for ages. So much so that songs have been written on these birds. And a couple of these songs have made it to the movies in India. People from India reading this blog will be familiar with the song ‘Pinjare wali Munia’ that literally means caged Munia (this bit of information is courtesy my parents, I was not even born when that song was written).


Red Munia Male (Red Avadavat)


Red Munia Female..


Red Munia Juvenile..


Scaly-Breasted Munia..


Black-Throated Munia..


White-Rumped Munia Juvenile..


Tricolored Munia (Black-Headed Munia)..

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