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Here is what I follow and will advise others to follow:

I always avoid:

  • Going in a big group of people for bird watching as that scares the birds away.

  • Making any kind of noise.

  • Making sudden or rapid movements near the birds.

  • Getting too close to the birds. That disturbs them. For pictures, I use a long lense.

  • Carrying my mobile. If I do need to carry my mobile, I atleast ensure it is on the silent mode if not switched off. A mobile going off while there are birds around can spoil the moment.

  • Luring birds through recorded bird sounds. It can trick them into thinking that there could be a mate, a rival or an intruder.

  • Luring birds with baits.

  • Disturbing the habitat.

  • Littering the area.

  • Wearing bright colored clothes.

  • Using camera flash.

  • Touching / disturbing any nests.

  • Being impatient.


Remember that the best bird watching / photography experience is when the birds are totally undisturbed in their natural habitat. I have got some of my best pictures like that.

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