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  • Aditya Singh

Spotted Owlet

Their name in Hindi is ‘Khusat’ which means an old man…



An old man…’Khusat’…do you agree..??

They do look like white-bearded old men with white framed spectacles & wearing brown waist-coats. The crown and back are brown with white spots, the belly is white and the tail has white bands and they wear white furry socks.

Sneak Peek:


I made that cat run away…watching you now…

It was late evening and a cat was in the shadows of the bushes. I had seen some birds earlier in the day in that area and the cat was trying to ambush them under the cover of shadows under the bush. But this was the Owlet’s territory and he was watching. He attacked the cat with his talons and all hell broke loose, the cat meowed, the owlet screeched. They fought for a while before the cat ran away. The owlet had won the fight.


I feel safer here…

They make the best siblings. Their number can vary from 2-5. They remain huddled together, preening each other. If one flies out the others too follow one by one, trying their best to remain together while remaining hidden at the same time.

Threats they face:

The biggest threat to the all the owls and owlets is from quacks who catch them alive only to kill them for their rituals.

Also, owls are mice-eaters and mice are generally poisoned so either they go hungry or they killed eating the mice.

Another threat comes from feral cats. I had written about them in my post about Oriental White-eyes.


Getting ready for the night ahead…

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